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Zakia Baniabbassian is a fitness and lifestyle coach that helps empower individuals from the inside out. Transform into the best version of yourself by building strength, energy and confidence through functional training, plant-based nutrition and sustainable daily routines.



I help plant-based women make fitness and health a sustainable part of their lifestyle.

I want to share my personal journey to how I became so passionate about helping poeple change their life. Over 10 years ago I developed an eating disorder and needed to take action, that's when fitness and nutrition became my saving grace. With consistancy, patience and dedication, I began seeing a significant improvement in my health,  mental well-being and confidence. My passion grew as I emersed myself into self-educating, researching, studying and implementing everything I was learning on myself since 2012. 

My mission is to help poeple learn how to reach their fitness goals and feel their best using my customised fitness modalities. I believe you have the capacity to overcome any challenge and achieve your goals, when you decide what you want, before you go after it. True empowerment and beauty is about being in control of your life, setting goals and achieving them. With the right guidance, focusing on your physical well-being will impact your mental and emotional well-being in a positive way. If you're committed to make that change, sign up to my monthly fitness and nutrition coaching program.


Sculpt the body you've always dreamed of whether working out from home, outside or the gym. My customised 12-week exersise programs will add challenge to your routine based on your schedule, fitness level, enviroment and goals. The program includes simple instructions and video demonstrations which members can access through the dashboard, which changes every month.

Individual fitness coaching program

Beginner, intermediate or advanced

Fat loss, tone up and gain muscle

​Customised gym-based exercise programs

Weekly check-ins and 24 hr online support

Updated plans every 4 weeks

OPTIONAL - Transition to veganism

OPTIONAL - 7 day vegan meal plan recipes

BONUS - Free educational articles



Learn how to re-program your mindset and implement healthy haibts into your daily routine based on your schedule and enviroment. The 23-week program covers how to implement discipline in your routine and how to find balance in your busy schedule.

Individual lifestyle coaching program

Identifying lifestyle concerns

Setting goals to implement healthy habits

Guidance on how to shift negetive mindset

Monthly calendars with scheduled tasks

Weekly check-ins and 24 hr online support

OPTIONAL - Transition to veganism

OPTIONAL - 7 day vegan meal plan recipes

BONUS - Free educational articles


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 Your guide to everything you need to know about fitness, wellness and nutrition. The Z Blueprint will include educational articles based on my experience that cover nutrition, health, fitness, weight-loss, meal-prep, sleep and lifestyle topics. I will also include tips, special offers, collaborations and address your questions and concerns within the FAQ section to help improve your quality of life.

the z blueprint